Autumnal Equinox Healing of the "Dark Mother"

"Raven Mother" -Painting by Nathalie Parenteau

• Today, the Earth's tilted axis is marked by a perfect balance between darkness and light. • The Earth's darkness has been steadily approaching and catching up to the sun since Summer Solstice. At last, polar and interdependent solar and lunar energies share equal power and light. • This great planetary shift brings an energetic shift alike for all life, human, animal, earth, ocean and sky. We all are impacted by the change in light. • As darkness silently ushers itself onward enveloping the remainder of the year, we encounter what will meet us down in our own dark spaces. Our unconsciousness begins to express itself for want of integration and continuous evolution and transformation of consciousness. • Fall Equinox offers a dark embrace from all the parts of ourselves we forgot and buried, left behind in different chapters of our lives. The parts of ourselves we do not clap for, the parts we think no one will clap for. And ironically, at times the very parts of ourselves that need some spotlight to be fully understood as they typically represent raw power and talents we do not exercise, laying dormant on the bottom of our dark, blind, inner oceanic floor. These are the parts we mistake for grief that is gratitude; rage that is boundless, eternal love; loneliness that is interconnectedness with all things; freakish that is pure creative ingenuity and passion. These parts wait for our acceptance and love, like lost children. Our own band of little lost wild things.•The Fall Equinox has been represented in many cultures as "the dark mother". Appearing with the oncoming darkness she is grotesque, showing us what seemingly appears as the ugly truths we must face. That is, until we see her grotesqueness is merely an illusion, a projection of our fears and self-rejection. We fall in love with her beauty, unconditional warmth and love. We gain deep respect for the dark mother as she breathes new life and rebirth into the darkest corners of our being. She breathes re-vitalized creativity and passion into our lungs so that we breathe into and of our deepest, infernal power. In full, dark embrace, we connect with our inner fire.

Autumn Blessings to you all,


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