An Holistic Approach to Healing

Blackbird Holistic counselling provides an healing space where people are understood holistically - whole beings made of interconnected layers of consciousness: mind, body, emotion and spirit.


When unresolved inner pain and suffering exists, an inner imbalance occurs within these dimensions. As a result of carrying this pain, an inner imbalance persists and eventually, dis-ease manifests. When an imbalance is particularly intense, compounded by varying degrees of trauma and remains unresolved for lengthy periods of time, mental health issues like depression, anxiety and addiction can manifest. Commonly, re-enactment of cycles of violence or trauma continues to re-victimize as a result, leading to chronic health issues which tend to impact multiple areas of life over time. 


In the same way, healing can be understood as an holistic process, too! Restoring inner balance on an holistic healing journey begets wellness, a sense of fullness in being and alleviation of dis-ease. This process gradually reverses the intensity of dis-ease, patterns of suffering and mental health issues. This holistic shift of balanced, inner being radiates an outpouring of external, identifiable empowerment and greater opportunity to consciously create lasting change in one's life - individually and in relation to others. Quite literally, healing happens from the inside out!  

The Holistic Healing Journey at Blackbird


Using a complimentary blend of time-honoured and progressive techniques acquired from more than a decade of formal and alternative training and work experience, Blackbird Holistic Counselling carries your healing journey well beyond the perimeters of traditional, mainstream counselling experience. From a client's point-of-view, the healing feels like one's daily life experience shifts from a 2-dimensional world  to that of a 3-dimensional one, marked by richness and depth as your psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual awareness continues to expand. The results are continuously unfolding, enhanced, holistic self-awareness and empowerment with identifiable change: a new beginning of a journey toward living life with a sense of fullness, well-being and interconnection.


Sharing a safe, therapeutic space together with me, you are whole-heartedly invited to walk and transform together on a healing path of journeying to explore, connect and transform the mind, body, heart and soul.

Come explore, connect and transform with Blackbird Holistic.